Monday, December 31, 2007

Lee Bai's POEM - funny!

Something fun to read.. Cheers!

(1) (Original Version)

Chuang qian ming yue guang
Yi shi di shang shuang
Ju tou wang ming yue
Di tou shi gu xiang

(2) (English Version)
The moon light is pouring down on my bedside
Like white frost spreading on the ground
I look up the bright round moon in the sky
And lower my head thinking of my dear hometown

(3) (Singlish - Phua Chu Kang Version)
Bedfront Moon Bright Bright
Think Is Floor White White
Lift Head See Moon Moon
Bow Head Miss Home Home...

(4) (Ah-Beng Version)
Bedfront Orr Pi Sai (pick nose)
Think Think Go Pang Sai
Pick Up Tai Gor Tai (handphone)
Bull Shit While Lau Sai

(5) (Latest Reservist Army Version)
Bedfront Lau Bark Sai (tears drop)
Thinking About Exercise (reservist mobilization)
Drop Dead Look Into The Sky (run until no breathe)
Tong Kor Sia Lang Zai? (my sadness nobody knows)

(6) (Osama version)
No friend at my side
Think think Bush will fight
Lift head but where to hide?
This time don't know when will die ?

(7) (Bush version)
Can't sleep since that night
Think think where he hide ?
Bomb bomb friends will say I pai
No choice ask them go fly kite

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